Google’s Password Checkup Helps You Stay Safe Online

Google has launched the Password Checkup. This is a new tool built into Google’s Password Manager, which is built into your Google account. The Password Checkup is designed to keep you safe online by checking the strength and security of your passwords.

Research suggests that as many as one in four Americans use common passwords. Things like ABC123 and Password1111. Furthermore, many people use the same password across multiple sites. So if it’s involved in a breach, multiple accounts are vulnerable.

In an effort to help people stay safe online, Google has launched the Password Checkup.

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How Does Google’s Password Checkup Work?

Google unveils the Password Checkup in a post on The Keyword. The company explains that it has developed the tool to help educate people with “poor password habits,” and inform victims whose passwords are exposed in data breaches.

Google’s Password Checkup will inform you whether:

Your passwords have been compromised in a known security breach. Google maintains a list of 4 billion usernames and passwords that have been “exposed due to third-party breaches”. And the Password Checkup will tell you if your details are among them.

Any of your passwords are being used across multiple sites. If Google detects that you are using the same password to log in to different sites it will advise you to change things up. This is to avoid hackers being able to take advantage of your laziness.

Your passwords are so weak that they need strengthening. If Google identifies that any of your passwords are too weak to be effective it will advise you to create stronger passwords. This is because weak passwords can be easily guessed by attackers.

Create Stronger Passwords With a Password Generator

The Password Checkup obviously only works on passwords you have saved in your Google account. So if you want Google to check that your passwords are strong and secure you’ll have to start using Google’s built-in Password Manager.

If Google does detect an issue it may be time to rethink your approach to passwords. And if you struggle to think of strong and secure passwords you should try one of the best online password generators. All of which generate random strings of characters.

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