Asus Launches Dual-Screen Laptop

It’s a big day in the mobile-computing world. Intel has unveiled its new H-series chips, Nvidia has announced its RTX Super GPU lineup for mobile devices, and just about every major laptop manufacturer is introducing new laptops incorporating that hardware. But Asus is releasing something unlike anything else that’s hitting shelves today: the Zephyrus Duo 15 “Dual-Screen”.

Asus says that this is the first dual-screen laptop branded specifically for gaming. Here’s how the new laptop works. Like Asus’ past dual-screen laptops, there’s one screen (the main 15.6-inch one) which can be either a 4K 60Hz panel or a 1920 X 1080p 300Hz panel. The former is geared toward content creators (Asus says it covers 100 percent of the Adobe RGB color space); the latter will appeal more to gamers.

Then, there’s a second display built into the upper half of the keyboard deck. This one is a 14.1-inch 60Hz touchscreen with 3840 x 1100 resolution. The screen’s top edge lifts off the deck to prop it up at a 13-degree angle, so both displays should be comfortably in your field of view while you’re using the laptop. (The opening underneath also allows the laptop’s fans to draw air in from above, which will help out with airflow, according to Asus).

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You could have Twitch open on the bottom display while you stream or have Discord open on one screen and your game in another if you’re playing with friends. You can also use the secondary screen for easy access to in-game overlays. Asus says it has partnered with developers to create content with special interfaces and controls suited to the dual-screen setup, and has partnered with Adobe for special content-creation tools as well.

Regarding Configurations

The Duo 15 has a 90Wh battery and charges via a USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt 3. The most expensive model will include the 4K screen, a Core i9-10980HK, 32GB of RAM, 2TB of storage (RAID), and an RTX 2080 Super. You’ll be able to buy that one June 1st for $3,699.99. There are also two configurations with the 300Hz screen coming June 29th. The $3,499 build also includes a Core i9-10980HK and an RTX 2080 Super, but has 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage (PCIe). And the $2,999 option includes a Core i7-10875H, 32GB of RAM, 2TB of storage (RAID), and an RTX 2070 Super.

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