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Update, August 6, 2020 (02:15 PM ET): Google launched the third beta of Android 11. With that release done, we now fully expect the next launch to be the stable one in September. As such, the list below should be pretty final.. Android 11 features:

  • Native screen recording: Google has been toying around with adding a built-in screen recorder.. Android 11 pretty much confirms the feature will launch this year.
  • Auto revoke app permissions: Android 11 DP3 has introduced a new option to automatically revoke permissions.. Such as camera, location, and more, from apps that haven’t been used for a while. This new setting can be turned on if you think you’re not going to be actively using an app after a few months. 

And more..

  • Undoing recently cleared apps: Speaking of the revamped overview menu, you can now also undo an accidentally cleared app by quickly swiping down on the screen.
  • Ability to dismiss persistent app notifications: If you’ve ever used Android, you’ve probably run into a persistent notification (one that you can’t easily swipe away). In Android 11 Developer Preview 3, Google lets you clear all notifications.
  • Airplane mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth: Previously, turning on airplane mode would also kill Bluetooth on your phone, which doesn’t make much sense. People who use airplane mode might have Bluetooth headphones connected, resulting in having to turn on Bluetooth again. In Android 11, Bluetooth stays on when airplane mode is activated.
  • Upgraded Voice Access capabilities: Previously, Android’s Voice Access labeled all the actions on the screen with a number, allowing you to call out the number to perform said action. Now, Android 11 can read what’s on your screen and let you say the action instead, being a rather cool accessibility upgrade. 

New technologies

Android 11 is going to be much better when it comes to working with new technologies.. Including 5G, foldable displays, and low-latency video decoding for game streaming services such as Google Stadia. There will also be better call screening support, deeper integration of image formats such as HEIF, and support for Google’s own neural networks API.

Keep in mind there are tons of other updates out there that are far more technical in nature!.. which the general user will never see. However, many new features will likely pop up in future beta versions between now and the stable launch of Android 11. Stay tuned!

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