How to protect yourself from spying through the microphone Android device?

The possibility of spying others on phones is one of the most common concerns of Android phone users. Therefore, many people seek to take precautions in light of the many forms of spying that can not be counted.

Perhaps spying on users through the phone’s microphone is one way of spying, where the spyware can hear everything said and know the user’s activity on the phone.

These are tips that can be used by the phone user to avoid spying on it through the microphone in the Android system, these tools contribute to reduce the likelihood that someone will spy on you and penetrate your life in every detail over the phone.

Review app permissions
Downloading a malicious app is a common reason for others to spy on what you’re saying via the Android microphone.

These applications are able to get permissions that are never compatible with their activity. For example, lamp applications reach the microphone, so the user should be alert to such situations.

As such, reviewing the permissions of apps installed on the phone is essential.

The user should check that there is no application that allows him to access the phone’s microphone.

The user should suspect and verify the applications when asking him to access the phone microphone more than once if this application does not need access to the microphone in principle. Therefore, this application may be harmful and make it easier to spy on us.

The Apps section often has a permissions section under Android Settings, so the user can personally check which apps have access to the phone’s microphone.

If you notice an app that does not have access to the microphone, you should remove this permission and seriously consider wiping the app from your phone. It’s good to do this from time to time or when you install new apps on your phone.

Clear Google voice search data
Google stores our conversations with Google Assistant, so all questions, queries or requests that we have made via Google Assistant are stored in the Android system. So scanning the data log is another way to protect us from spying via the microphone.

Android users can delete all the recordings they have stored or choose only the ones they want to erase.

Every user should take into consideration what to do in order to prevent anyone from accessing voice searches on the Android system.

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