How to Change Folder Colors on Mac?

Want to add some personality to your Mac? A great way to do so is by changing the color of a few folders.

Whether you do this to dress up your desktop a bit, make Finder easier to use, or want to use color to easily identify certain types of folders, you can do it in just a few moments. Here’s how

How to Change Folder Colors on Mac

  1. Create a new folder if you don’t want to change an existing one.
  2. Right-click on the folder you want to change and choose Get Info.
  3. At the top of this dialog, you’ll see a picture of a folder next to the name of the folder. Click this image, then choose Edit > Copy from the menu bar.
  4. Open Preview. You can do this quickly by pressing Cmd + Space to open Spotlight, then typing Preview.
  5. With Preview open, select File > New from Clipboard.
  6. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button; it looks like a marker and is next to the Search box.
  7. Choose the Adjust Color tool that looks like a prism with light shining through.
  8. Use the sliders on the right side to adjust the folder’s color to your liking.
  9. When you’re satisfied, choose Edit > Select All from the menu bar.
  10. Press Cmd + C to Copy the new folder.
  11. Jump back to the Info tab of the folder from earlier. Click the folder’s image again, and hit Cmd + V to Paste the new folder over the old one.

Preview gives you basic options for changing a folder’s color. If you want more control, you can follow the same process in Photoshop or another image editing app

You can make additional tweaks by installing tools designed specifically for the job. Pair this up with more hidden productivity tricks and customizing your Finder view options, and you’ll be working more efficiently than ever before. You can even change the way files are automatically saved to the Finder, including when taking screenshots in macOS Mojave.

Looking for additional tips for making your Mac work for you? Check out these hidden settings that you can unlock on your own

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