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Critical vulnerability found in IBM ServeRAID Manager

IBM issued an advisory for a critical vulnerability in its now unsupported ServeRAID Manager product that could lead to arbitrary code execution.

The warning carries a CVSS rating of 9.3 for CVE-2011-3556 and covers ServeRAID Manager Java version 1.4.2. The problem lies in the fact that ServeRAID Manager runs with system privileges on Microsoft Windows systems so unauthenticated attacker with network access can exploit the vulnerable Java RMI interface to launch a remote class loader attack.

IBM warned those still operating ServeRAID Manager that since it is no longer supported by the company it has no intention of issuing an update or patch to fix this vulnerability. Instead it is suggested that users restrict access by configuring ServeRAID Manager to listen on specific network interfaces, such as like localhost, or use a host-based firewall to restrict network access.

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IBM noted that the ServeRAID Manager name is also associated with some Lenovo products, but those are unaffected by this vulnerability.

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