HMX 2: The Hell Machine Pack for Twitch Streamer, Podcaster and YouTuber

Traditionally we equip our infernal machines with specialized additional packages.This year, the HMX 2 makes Twitch Streamer, Podcaster and YouTuber happy.The bulging package includes: headphones, micro, webcam, capture card, mixer, green screen & key lights.


The basic streaming equipment, of course, includes a good headphone-microphone combo. It contributes beyerdynamic with TEAM TYGR . The bundle consists of the headphones TYGR 300 R and the FOX USB microphone. Thanks to its open design, the TYGR 300 R achieves a better spatiality in the sound. The open design also reduced the heat development. This, together with the low contact pressure, ensures a very high wearing comfort – ideal for hours of streaming sessions. The FOX USB Microphone delivers professional studio quality thanks to precise signal conversion of the large diaphragm condenser capsule and is compatible with popular recording programs such as Cubase LE 9.

beyerdynamic CREATOR PRO

Together, the stream or podcast is even more fun. That’s why with the beyerdynamic CREATOR PRO we put a second headphone microphone bundle into the package. Again, the FOX USB microphone is used again. Beyerdynamic combines this with the studio headphone DT 770 PRO, which impresses not only with its very lively and dynamic sound, but also with its very high wearing comfort. Included in delivery is the music production software Cubase LE 9.5 from Steinberg.

Logitech C920 HD Pro

Granted, the Logitech C920 HD Pro has been around for a couple of years but is still one of the top webcams. The C920 records in Full HD at 30 fps and masters H.264 video encoding. Thanks to Zeiss optics with 20x zoom, autofocus and face tracking, zapplige streamers are always in focus. The two integrated microphones ensure a clean stereo sound.

Elgato Green Screen

Float freely over the game in Lets Play or just play cool studio setups in the background – the Elgato Green Screen makes streams look more professional and give them a unique touch. Thanks to the pop-up technology, the green screen is set up quickly and also packaged in a space-saving way. In addition, the Elgato model remains so wrinkle-free and easy to transport.

Two Elgato Key Lights

Two Elgato Key Lights ensure even illumination of the Elgato green screen without shadows. The professional LED studio lighting is infinitely dimmable by app and delivers a maximum of turned up to 2800 lumens. The color temperature can be infinitely adjusted between warm white 2900 and ice-cold 7000 Kelvin. The opal glass ensures even illumination. The keylights are also quickly packed space-saving and ready to travel thanks to their flat design and retractable rod holder.

Capturing in 4K with card and stick

Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro

The Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro x4 PCI Express card captures at full hdz resolution at 240 hertz up to 3840 x 2160 pixels at 60 hertz. It comes with Capture software that makes live streaming to Twitch, YouTube and other platforms easy and convenient. In addition to standard functions such as “Unlimited Capture” for unlimited recording and “Flashback Recording” for a subsequent recording start, the program also has features such as “Stream Command” to integrate additional content such as a webcam or overlay graphics. In addition, there’s “Instant Gameview” for streaming without delay and “HDR10 Capture” for maximum dynamic range. The export function directs the stream directly into your favorite app for further processing, such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS and XSplit.

Elgato Cam Link 4K

The Elgato Cam Link 4K connects compatible SLR cameras, camcorders and action cams directly to the Hell Machine. Thanks to the USB 3.0 capture stick, all streaming apps recognize the connected camera as a webcam. The Cam Link records 1080p with 60 and UHD with 30 frames per second and secures the recordings even on the hard disk or SSD. With the help of the real-time feedback, recording in the stream can be optimized immediately.

Elgato Stream Deck XL

To make the streaming even more comfortable, we also pack the Elgato Stream Deck XL with it: The interactive “control panel” has 32 freely adjustable LCD buttons, through which apps, programs and services can be integrated into the stream. For example, at the touch of a button, you can switch camera scenes, play videos, pictures, GIFs, or lower abdominal wallets and adjust the tone or lighting, while visual feedback confirms each command.

The streaming creator package of HMX 2 has a total value of over 2000 euros

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