How do you create your own powerful password to keep your information secure?!

Are you having trouble hacking into your account on different apps?

The problem with the password

Here are the golden points that make your account password strong.

No doubt, we all want a strong password that protects our account from


For this reason, the password must be long and complicated.

So it’s hard for hackers to know.

For example:
(My B!RTHDAY-1/5/1989)
(very g00d !n ENGL!$H]100%]

On the other hand, a weak password is easy and simple.
For example:

Also, commonly used phrases

Where hackers have long lists of such commonly used words.

Anyway, if you use such words, it’s like you didn’t use a word.

There are some common ways hackers use to know your password.

Easily, they tend to have common and easy words and phrases.

Unfortunately, the phrases that come to our mind first are the easiest words.

Luckily, there are ways you can figure out how to write a powerful password that protects you from hackers.

You can make your password complex and long and contains codes and numbers.

How to create a strong password:

The longer the password, the better.

Sometimes, some sites ask for a word of six letters, others

He asks for a word of eight letters.

However, if the location is not specified, make the word at least twelve characters, asking for an eight-letter word.

Make it unique all the time.

No matter how complicated you made your password, don’t reuse it again.

So, this makes hackers hack all your accounts at once.

Of course, you notice that the letters of this word next to each other on the keyboard.

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