Xiaomi’s see-through OLED TV

Many strange things have happened in 2020, so it’s probably the perfect year for Chinese tech company Xiaomi to announce the world’s first completely transparent TV “MI TV LUX” which displays images that appear to be “floating in the air”.

Billed as a world’s first, the MI TV LUX features an edge-to-edge transparent display, leaving what looks like a simple glass screen, allowing viewers to see through to the other side. Unlike ordinary LEDs in TVs, which are used to light an LCD display, the pixels of an OLED TV are self-illuminating, ridding of the need for backlighting. This means that, while conventional TVs require a back panel to contain their processing units, these elements are integrated into the base stand of the Mi TV LUX.

The TV’s rectangular screen measures at 55 inches, with an “ultra-thin” width of approximately 5.7 millimetres. The screen is capable of displaying 1.07 billion color combinations. Its cylindrical base stand is topped with a covering that has a visual resemblance to “compact discs”. This was designed to help it blend into a variety of surroundings.


The MI TV LUX Transparent Edition also has a feature called AI Master for Audio, which detects the type of content being played and automatically selects an audio mode. There’s also support for Dolby Atmos. The design of the television is placed on a circular base. Obviously, this TV cannot be wall-mounted and the attached stand is the only way to place it.

It goes without saying that this type of television isn’t for those who value image quality above everything else. Depending upon the room lighting, the picture on the screen could be affected to a varying degree. It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to keep it in front of windows or in a super bright room. This type of TV is more geared towards aesthetics than a practical family or video enthusiast usage.

Project info:

Name: MI TV LUX transparent edition
Company: Xiaomi
Type: world’s first mass-produced transparent TV
Price: $7200 US

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