TOSHIBA officially took out of the PC business

Who would have expected us to permanently dispense with Toshiba’s laptops?!!!! and we Will replace Toshiba’s laptops with a better one?

It seems that a company with financial or administrative problems has eliminated 35 experience in the laptop industry to get out of this race for SHARP.

It was the first company to introduce a laptop in 1985 and was called T1100.

Two years ago, SHARP bought a majority stake in the company by 80.1% and could have entered the laptop industry under the brand name Dynabook, and Toshiba retained a 19.9% stake.

Now, Toshiba has sold its entire remaining stake to SHARP, making Dynabook a wholly owned subsidiary of SHARP

TOSHIBA also prosected its television business for Hisense and Westinghouse Electric to Brookfield Business Partner

Mustapha Haouili

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