The last Important gmail features

Gmail has great features, that you may not know or have not experienced,
so here are some of the features that are in Gmail that can help you become a professional!

1.Join the meeting:

You may have to have an urgent meeting in your company, but you don’t want to open a new browser tab,

Gmail enables you to manage the meeting, With Gmail Meet for G suit users.

2.Safe mode:

Clearly, our age is an era of praivcy and cyber threats.

Anyway, you can protect yourself from it in the gmail app

Also, you can set an end date for messages to automatically destroy themselves

But, unfortunately, the app can’t protect you from screen shots.

3.Take advantage of ready-made templates:

Anyway, when you’re busy or you can’t write a message at the meeting place

And you want a message ready to respond as you need when necessary.

Of course with gmail, now you can create, save and use ready forms of messages when necessary.

4.Schedule messages

A lot of us hesitate when he sends his messages about timing or people, and he doesn’t want to regret it.

Anyway, now you can overcome this problem.

Gmail provides you with archiving by clicking the gray button next to the send button

But be careful not to press the blue button.

That’s the button for archiving and transmitting.

5.Undo the transmission:

On the other hand, let’s say you made a mistake and pushed the transmission button to the wrong person or the wrong message.

It’s fun, that the app is getting able to undo the transmitter!

Also, you can delay the transmission.


Who among us doesn’t like to have their own character on any file and leave it with its own signature?!

Besides, the signature confirms that you’re the sender.

Luckily, gmail provides you with this property,

On the other hand, you can also save more than one signature and use it according to the occasion of the message

Where, you can do this by clicking the signature button on the left-bottom side of the tab to choose from or switch between them.

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