Chrome’s Tab Grouping Feature

As promised, Google is bringing a new organization feature to tab hoarders. Beginning today, Google Chrome users can group tabs in their desktop windows. The tab groups are customizable — you can label them with names and colors — and you can easily collapse, expand or drag-and-drop them. They’ll pop up any time you close and reopen Chrome.

Now, when you hover over a tab, you’ll see a thumbnail preview of the page. You can also fill out and save PDFs directly in Google Chrome — or use Adobe’s PDF shortcuts. And soon, when you’re using your laptop in tablet mode, you’ll be able to swipe through tabs and browse the web using touchscreen controls. That feature will appear first on Chromebooks.

Will this make Chrome Slower?!

Don’t worry, these new features won’t slow Chrome down. In fact, tabs should load up to 10 percent faster thanks to profile guided optimization (PGO) and tab throttling.

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