A Tik-Tok Copy-Cat Feature May Be In Development

Instagram did it with Snapchat’s Stories, and now they’re at it again, up to their good ole’ copy-cat tricks. This time, though, Tik-Tok is the target.

If you’re unfamiliar, Tik-Tok is the app that allows users (primarily teens and tweens) to create amateur music videos and share them with their audiences.

Blogger and reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered evidence that Instagram is currently engineering a Tik-Tok feature called “Clips” that will allow users to record segments of video into a single Story, overlaying it with music while adjusting the speed and timer of the clips themselves.

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Some businesses may be able to use this to their advantage, especially those with “fun” brands who could see themselves making fun music videos to entertain their followers.

We’ll let you know more about this feature as it rolls out.

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