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Overview of Python

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language created by Guido Van Rossum while working at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica Research Center in 1986.

1991 The first version was published to make it accessible to all.

This language has continued to be developed and added a lot of features in each new version to this day to become one of the most important languages of the era and can be used to build desktop programs, web applications, games, scripts etc ..

Python works on all the most important operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix etc .. It is one of the most famous programming languages ever.

Python Logo:

Python features for developers :

  • It is immensely popular and there are plenty of references for anyone who wants to learn it.
  • Simple and easy to learn compared to other languages.
  • If you create a program using Python, the program works on any system in the world and this is one of the most important reasons to learn.
  • Nowadays, it is one of the most demanding languages ​​in the labor market, ie if you want to enter the labor market, Python offers a lot of opportunities.
  • One of the most important languages ​​used in the field of information security and hackers.
Advantages of Python language from other programming languages

physically :
    You will not pay any amount to work on Python language, it is open source and free and will remain free for life.

    You can program it even if your computer is weak or old.

Easy to read and modify
    It is very easy to learn and the code can be read and modified easily.

Fast execution
    The operating system can understand Python code as it is directly implemented without the need for a special compiler to interpret Python commands into commands that the operating system understands as some other programming languages ​​such as Java require.

Work on more than one platform
    The program that you build with Python works on the most important operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix.

Object Oriented
    Supports the concept of class, object, encapsulation, genetics etc.

    Python provides you with multithreading technology that allows you to make your program able to execute multiple commands simultaneously.

    Python provides interfaces ready to handle the most important databases.

user interface
    Applications with a user interface can be built.

Working with other programming languages
    You can work with other programming languages ​​(such as C, C ++, Java) within your program written primarily in Python.

Other programming languages ​​deal with Python
    Most programming languages ​​support working with Python, meaning they allow you to use Python code in programs written primarily in other programming languages ​​(such as C, C ++, Java).

 studies programs
    Many institutes and universities, whether foreign or Arab, are now studying for students.

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To whom is this reference prepared?

This reference is designed for everyone who wants to learn.
So whether you are an amateur, a student or a programmer, this reference will help you understand the basics of Python and reach a very advanced level.

In the next lesson we will guide you to download the Python language tools that we will use to explain which you can use to build your own applications in the future.

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